Road angels on the open road

This ain’t New Zealand or Alaska but I had no other choice. Just 20 miles in and Dan’s bike started giving problems and we didn’t have an adjustable wrench to fix it. The closest town was another 20mies away and it was impossible to go that distance without a pedal especially on a fully loaded touring bike.

While Dan was trying to fix the it with Duct tape I decided to try my luck to flag down a car and ask for help. Lower 48 is very different compared to Alaska but people are people and they all want to help. My Brown skin, dark hair, long beard and being skinny reduced my probability to get help but I had to take a chance. 

With 5 minutes a car pulled over but he didn’t have any tools although he offered a hitch to the nearest town. Good man! We politely declined the offer and told him that we’ll keep trying our luck with other cars.

Soon I flagged down another car. The gentlemen offered his help and gave all kind of wrenches he had in his tool box but none of them worked. What happened next was unbelievable.

He offered Dan a ride and loaded up his bike on his truck. He drove him home, fed him, fixed his bike and gifted him the wrench in case if he should need it. I continued riding and met up with Dan along the way later.

Day 1 on the road has been amazing. Scenery has been spectacular but encounters with road angels have been phenomenal so far.  Today you tomorrow me!

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